ARC Equipment Finance can help you acquire business-critical assets through financing solutions that conserve capital and offer affordable access to new equipment.


At ARC Equipment Finance, we understand how valuable the right equipment can be to ensure your business runs smoothly and effectively. But for many companies, the high cost associated with replacing obsolescent equipment and acquiring new technology can present significant challenges.

As you navigate through equipment upgrades and facility expansions, we will be there to support your growth with flexible and affordable financing solutions designed to meet your specific needs.


• 100% Equipment Financing
• Line of Credit for Equipment Acquisitions
• Sale-Leaseback Transactions
• Operating and Capital Leases
• TRAC Leases
• 100% Software and Maintenance Financing


• New & Used Equipment
• $100,000 up to $20,000,000
• 12 to 84 months
• Fixed & Floating Rates
• Stepped & Balloon
• Payments/Budget-Driven Terms


• Vendor/Private Label Financing
• Debt Purchase and Syndicated Solutions
• Single Investor & Lease Residual Purchase and Sharing
• Customized Underwriting & Customer Credit Analysis

Through careful planning at all phases of the equipment life-cycle, ARC Equipment Finance can help your business streamline and optimize capital acquisitions.